Our first church service was held in May of 1922.  The church had a membership of 25 at the time of organization.  The church was first located on Blair Street in Thomasville.  Trinity was a part of a two point charge with Bethel Methodist Church.  On February 18, 1959, the congregation of Trinity Church voted at a Church Conference to become a station church after almost forty years of being on a charge.  In September of 1962 the church relocated to its present location on Liberty Drive.  We are a congregation that is open, kind, young and loving.  As we enter our 91st year in ministry, we know that we are empowered by God to carry out a scriptural mission to our community.  Because we are empowered by God, we do not lack in any resources necessary to perform this ministry.  We have a great spirit, which leads us to sharing of the gospel and to the caring for all who enter our doors.  While Trinity is one church, we are many people who have open hearts, open minds and open doors.

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